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Who are we?

Blockchain Research Laboratory (BZLab), as the first public blockchain laboratory, under BİLGEM UEKAE to carry out R&D activities on blockchain technologies, security and privacy features of these technologies, application areas and various technical details, based on the needs of public and private institutions/organizations. It was established in 2017. The laboratory office is physically located in TÜBİTAK Gebze Campus.


Our Core Activities

Our laboratory provides blockchain-based solutions for the creation of secure decentralized structures in collaboration with public and private institutions/organizations and academics. In this context, it works to develop solutions in the application areas of this technology such as finance, digital identity, digital money, supply chains, smart cities, internet of things (IOT), education and health services. By bringing together the strongest experts in the field and using BİLGEM's decades of experience in information security, it carries out R&D studies focused on security and privacy in order to meet the needs in blockchain-based systems.

Our laboratory
It also works to increase awareness of blockchain technology in our country and to contribute to the formation of an ecosystem around this technology. In this context, it is aimed to improve the skills of its stakeholders to understand and use blockchain technology and to enable them to work together. Blockchain Research Network It also plays a leading role in formations such as

technology our laboratory organization We deal with it in five sub-departments:

  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Blockchain Cryptology
  • Decentralized Application Development
  • Blockchain Security and Analysis
  • Application Areas and Ecosystem
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