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Blockchain Technologies

  • Research of Distributed Ledger Technologies in detail
  • Adaptation, reinforcement, adaptation, integration of existing platforms
  • Theoretical and practical, distributed ledger R&D studies

Digital Currency

  • Following and contributing to the academic open literature on blockchain and digital money, examining and analyzing the technological infrastructures in their practical applications.
  • Digital currency systems design
  • Security and privacy analysis of blockchain and digital currency technologies.

Security and Privacy

  • The validity, accuracy and immutability of blockchain transactions are ensured by cryptographic proofs and underlying mathematical calculations.
  • Researching advanced cryptographic building blocks (Zero Knowledge Snark, Commitment, Dynamic Membership of Multi-party Signatures, Threshold Cryptography, Distributed Verification, Pairing-based Cryptography etc.), examining usage scenarios in blockchain technology and performing concept analyzes in practical applications.
  • Cryptographic architectural designs of developed decentralized systems, especially digital currency systems
  • Privacy and Security mainly proof of concept in national and local blockchain projects.

Digital Identity Systems

  • Development of blockchain-based digital identity management infrastructures
  • Research and development of technologies that will allow the data economy and other business models
  • Follow-up of similar projects and technological developments
  • Usage design of blockchain-based digital identity systems in traditional digital transformation projects
  • Researches on integration of Digital Identity and other DLT platforms
  • Contributing to regulation studies

National and Local

  • National and local blockchain development
  • National and local blockchain adaptation, infrastructure creation, development of facilitating technologies
  • Establishment of national research networks
  • Risk analyzes in order to protect our national interests in the economic field

Paying system

  • Researching crowdfunding (Crowdfunding, ICO, STO, IGO) and blockchain-based miking/micropayment systems
  • Development of traceability technologies of digital currencies
  • Working on regulation infrastructure in blockchain and related application areas
  • DeFi, GameFi, payment in Metaverse spaces, NFT, digital identity integration

Ecosystem Collaborations

  • Training/Consulting
  • Conducting scientific-level blockchain workshops in Turkey
  • Providing technical support to relevant public institutions/organizations and private sector
  • Contributing to international literature with academic graduation projects/master's/doctorate theses on blockchain and digital currency technologies
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