Press Release on the Use of Digital Turkish Lira

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As part of the first-phase efforts of the Digital Turkish Lira Project led by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) , the initial payment transactions on the Digital Turkish Lira Network have been successfully conducted. The CBRT, in collaboration with technology stakeholders, will continue its limited-scale and closed-loop pilot application tests in the first quarter of 2023. The findings obtained from these tests will be shared with the public through a comprehensive evaluation report.

The Digital Turkish Lira Collaboration Platform will be expanded in 2023 with the participation of selected banks and financial technology companies, progressing to more extensive pilot tests. Within this context, tests related to innovative architectural designs, such as the use of distributed ledger technologies in payment ecosystems and integration with real-time payment systems, will continue.

Studies on the legal aspects of the Digital Turkish Lira indicate the critical importance of digital identification. Therefore, throughout 2023, priority will be given to technological requirements as well as economic and legal framework studies related to the Digital Turkish Lira project.

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