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Digital Currency

  • Development of a national CBDC system (Digital Turkish Lira)
  • Security and privacy analysis of blockchain and digital currency technologies.

Digital Identity

  • Development of a new generation, blockchain-based digital identity management system, native installation and proof-of-concept studies.

Crypto Radar

  • Development of monitoring and analysis infrastructure of cryptocurrency systems.


  • Development of a digital currency system that provides privacy based on gold
  • Homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proofs

BAĞ (Blockchain Research Network)

  • Establishment of national blockchain research infrastructure
  • Blockchain projects development infrastructure
  • Blockchain testnets

BKYS (Document Evidence Management System)

  • System that manages the existence and integrity proofs of real-world contract documents based on smart contracts.

Blockchain Technologies for VET Education (BLUEDU)

  • The aim of the BLUEDU project is the development of innovative digital learning materials to improve the knowledge and digital competencies of vocational education and training educators in the field of information and communication technologies, to help their students contribute to their career development, to reduce educational barriers and to prepare them for business life. In order for the project to reach its goals, activities will be carried out to determine the teaching objectives and to create the teaching outline, to develop the content of the teaching material, to develop and validate the e-book. (Project stakeholders: EDUJI, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, EOLAS, AGITTEX.)
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