Who We Are

Blockchain Research Laboratory (BZLab) is an internationally recognized center of expertise in blockchain technology and crypto assets established in 2017 under the umbrella of TÜBİTAK BİLGEM UEKAE Mathematical and Computational Sciences Unit. BZLab conducts research and development activities in the fields of blockchain technologies, security and privacy analysis, business models, crowdfunding approaches, and technical details to address the needs of both public and private institutions.

Blockchain Research Laboratory is on a mission to maximize the potential of blockchain technology worldwide and showcase its transformative power. Continuously seeking new ways to use the power of blockchain to develop more reliable, transparent, and effective digital solutions, BZLab aims to contribute to all segments of society. By fostering collaborations and supporting research and learning processes, it seeks to accelerate the adoption of blockchain as a driving force for shaping the future and encouraging innovation.

With a team of expert researchers specializing in the fundamental principles and applications of blockchain, the Laboratory stays up-to-date with industry developments and continues its research with the latest technological innovations.


Our Core Activities

Blockchain Research Laboratory collaborates with public and private institutions, academics, and other stakeholders to provide blockchain-based solutions for creating secure decentralized structures. Within this scope, our focus is on developing solutions in various application areas of blockchain technology, including finance, digital identity, digital currency, supply chains, smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT), education, and healthcare services. The Laboratory conducts research and development activities with a focus on security and privacy in blockchain-based systems, bringing together the most experienced experts in the field and leveraging the decades of knowledge and experience in information security of BİLGEM (Informatics and Information Security Research Center).


Our Laboratory

BZLab, aiming to raise awareness of blockchain technology in our country and create an ecosystem around this technology, also plays a pioneering role in initiatives such as Blockchain Research Network to enhance understanding and usage of blockchain technology and enable collaboration.

BZLab addresses the technology through five sub-departments within the Laboratory Organization:

Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain Cryptography

Decentralized Application Development

Blockchain Security and Analysis

Application Areas and Ecosystem


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