Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır: Establishing Blockchain and Metaverse Platform

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Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, Mehmet Fatih Kacır, announced at the Eurasia Blockchain Summit that they would establish a "Blockchain and Metaverse Platform" within the ministry. Kacır stated, "Let us announce it here. We are establishing a Digital Technologies Platform where relevant stakeholders will participate to determine policies regarding high-tech working topics and develop solutions for sectoral issues. One of these will be the Blockchain and Metaverse Platform."

Highlighting their emphasis on blockchain in line with the 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy, the Deputy Minister mentioned ongoing activities in this field. Kacır stated: Kacır said:

"In 2017, we established the Blockchain Research Laboratory"

"In 2017, we established the Blockchain Research Laboratory (BZLab) under the roof of TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, foreseeing the contributions of blockchain technology to Turkey's digital transformation and National Technology Move. Our laboratory plays a critical role in the Digital Turkish Lira (CBDC) Project, designing its cryptographic infrastructure and blockchain architecture. This project, in collaboration with the Central Bank, BKM, ASELSAN, and HAVELSAN, holds significant potential for the blockchain ecosystem."

"With the Digital Wallet Project, we are developing a secure digital wallet to store cryptocurrency and digital identity information"

"With the Digital Wallet Project, we are conducting efforts to develop a secure digital wallet where cryptocurrency and digital identity information can be stored, enhancing security with the Turkish ID card."

"With the Crypto Radar Project, we will monitor illegal usage."

“With our Crypto Radar Project, we aim to control the illegal use of cryptocurrencies such as money laundering and terrorist financing by performing live analyzes on blockchains with artificial intelligence and big data technologies.”

"Blockchain is one of our top agendas"

"Supporting the blockchain ecosystem is one of our top agendas. In this context, our sandbox initiatives, which provide the opportunity to test and share experiences with different blockchains, are ongoing. When our Sapphire-Chain Project is completed, blockchains can be quickly set up and operated on Sapphire Cloud environments without requiring technical expertise. This will simplify and accelerate the process of implementing blockchain-based projects, ensuring the applicability and proliferation of blockchain technology in our country and friendly neighboring countries."

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